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Marcus has written thousands of pages of law enforcement reports describing the details of cyber crimes, sexual assaults, drug trafficking, and murders during his career as a federal agent. He now uses all of that "practice" to tell stories that excite, entertain, and engage. While life doesn't always have a happy ending, there is always hope found in family, friendships, and kindness.


He and his family have lived all over the world and love exploring and making friends wherever they find themselves: from California's high desert, to Sicily's historical marvels, to the beaches of the mid-Atlantic coast, to the rain soaked forests of Washington, to the base of Mt Fuji, and to the majestic Rocky Mountains. The world is full of mystery and untold stories.

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The Christmas Stars - Stella was excited to return home from college for a much needed Thanksgiving break and to start the Christmas holiday season with her family. It was her favorite time of year. But things changed dramatically when her mom woke her from a deep sleep to say they had to rush her dad to the hospital. He was struggling to breathe. The diagnosis was a shock, but paled in comparison to the secrets unveiled on that fateful night. Stella was a Christmas miracle when she was born at 11:59 pm on Christmas Eve, and now she needs another miracle to save her dad and unravel the mystery of the Christmas stars. This heartwarming Christmas story of family, friendship, and discovery with a little bit of Christmas miracle sprinkled in, is just what you need to put you in the Christmas spirit.

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The Gifted - Vincent's mom said he was special, that he had a gift. But that's not what the kids at school called it; they called him a freak. All he ever wanted was to be normal, to fit in. So, he made the decision long ago to bury the gift deep down where no one could ever find it. Vincent was just going to work, living the most normal life possible, when, without warning, a beautiful and mysterious woman walked into his life and blew his carefully constructed world of "normal" into a thousand pieces. With love and patience, she helped him understand his special gift in a way he never thought possible.

Now she is gone and he can't explain why he is driven to board a bus bound for the west. That bus full of strangers will bring clarity once again and change his life forever.

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Snow Falls Soft on the Hidden ValleyClancy Peters was only hoping to strike some luck on a newly purchased mine claim outside of Buena Vista, but the town, or more particularly its tyrant, Dane Sampson, had other plans for the lone cowboy. On the run from a mob of Sampson’s goons, Peters finds a hidden valley deep in the mountains, where the MacNeil family, also victim to Sampson’s greed, has built the foundations of a peaceful life. This peace is shattered, however, as Sampson and his men become hungry for more land, hidden conquistador treasure, and revenge. As winter descends on the mountain, Peters and the MacNeils must prepare to defend the hidden valley—and their lives.

"My father had been a hard man, but he taught me a learned man was never without hope or opportunity." Clancy Peters

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Ten Rules to Build a Successful After-School Theater Program - Has your district cut funding for your school drama program? Do you want to step in and provide your kids with a valuable theater experience? Here are ten rules you can follow that we discovered when building a middle school theater program from the ground up. We did it and you can too! NAME YOUR PRICE!

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Assessing Credibility  - INVESTIGATIONS TRAINING Every case leads back to a human being; and human beings are multi-faceted and complex. You will find it necessary to assess the credibility of every person involved in the investigation. This E-book will help you develop those skills. NAME YOUR PRICE!


Bias in Investigations  - INVESTIGATIONS TRAINING This E-Book focuses on how you can conduct a fair and impartial investigation despite your biases. As an investigator, your job is to determine if the available evidence supports a finding to your evidentiary standard. You will not only learn how to do this without bias, you will grow the confidence to withstand false accusations of bias.


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The Flaming Grenade - Set on the beaches of California and the mountains of Sicily, Flaming Grenade takes us on an adventure to discover ancient secrets with modern technology. Archie, a scientist in Half Moon Bay, CA is accidentally used as a test subject in his company's secret teleportation research. His discovery links the research with his fiance's family history, and together he and Zaira travel to beautiful Sicily to discover the horrible secret kept by her grandfather since World War II. They are thrust into a struggle between ancient secrets and power hungry corporations to maintain the world's balance of power.

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